Remember About Proper Dental Hygiene Within the Holidays!

For many people, the winter holidays are their most favorite season, filled with caring family gatherings, doing nice things for others and delicious, hearty meals. However, the holidays can also be a time of stress, leading many to throw their healthy habits through the wayside and take the cookie tray while skipping their nightly routine after an additional cocktail or three. With all the excitement of the holidays, it is easy to put your personal care and oral health aside as other things take priority. This can be a grave mistake. Slacking on the basic dental hygiene of your white teeth can result in gingivitis, cavities and awful, bacteria-ridden breath, as well as an increased chance of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Don’t fear! With these winter-time flossing and brushing tips, you will be on your way to beautiful teeth equally as white as freshly fallen snow.


Prioritize Proper Brushing All of us have heard the importance of brushing twice each day, however with Christmas here it is more important than ever before to follow these brushing tips and brush twice or even more. Make sure to use the soft-bristled or electronic toothbrush for around two minutes, holding your brush at a right angle to make sure cleaning of equally the actual teeth and gums. Always clean your toothbrush after use and replace every 3-4 months to prevent bacterial growth – replacing in between seasons is always a safe bet. Consider packing a dental-care “travel pack” including a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste to create to holiday parties so when traveling. Brushing directly after having a meal will cleanse the teeth of the sugars found in sweets and alcohol and be sure your teeth will always be strong and healthy. Don’t Forget to Floss for many individuals, in the absence of popcorn stuck inside their teeth, flossing is seen as a nuisance and simply forgotten or skipped.

Yet skipping flossing on a regular basis may cause many health risks, including gingivitis, periodontal disease and eventually tooth loss. If flossing isn’t for you personally, probably the kind of floss you are using is the problem. Floss is available in many different forms, making it accessible for everyone. Different types include waxed, flavored, flattened as well as on a stick. Try different types and soon you find one you want, and make it sitting out near your sink, therefore, you make sure you floss. It doesn’t matter what type you prefer, it is essential to go into between every two teeth, gently guiding it and down inside a zigzags motion. Make Smart Diet during the holiday season, less-than-stellar diet choices are going to happen, which is okay! No-one should deprive them of the particular occasional holiday treat.

However, it is important to be smart and minimize risk. Try to avoid snacking whenever possible, as each mid-meal snack is yet another opportunity for food to obtain stuck between your teeth and encourage bacterial growth. Additionally, don’t forget to drink water. The dry winter weather and the increase in hot drinks like cocoa and eggnog can bring about dehydration and skuzzy teeth. Normal water throughout the day helps with natural cleansing with the jaws, washing away food particles and keeping breath fresh. It goes without saying, but keeping in touch with your household dentist throughout the holiday season may also help. It is easy to overlook our self-care during the holiday season, but by focusing on ourselves and our oral cleanliness, we are able to ensure we will make it to January with strong, healthy, and beautiful teeth.

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