Most of us except the body builders and athletics don’t have any knowledge or idea about the growth hormones except them who have diagnosed deficiency of growth hormone and have been prescribed by the doctor to use them. While when it comes to growth hormone, it is always associated with us from childhood, adolescence till to the end because it has many responsibilities in my body system including various activities, processes and functions. And when the pituitary gland located in the brain is unable to produce the growth hormone naturally than synthetic growth hormones are injected to the body in form of injections and capsules. And the synthetic growth is made of natural amino acids. There is a very long process which under goes inside our body system.


 Let me tell you about that in a short brief that is: the pituitary gland receives message from the hypothalamus for increase and decrease of particular hormone according to the situation and the hypothalamus maintain body fluid and homeostasis in the body system and also regulates our body temperature and helps in regulating the walking cycles, sleep, level of reproductive hormones and sensation of hunger. And it senses that growth hormone level is low it send message through GHRH to increase secretion and production and when it is high it sends message through somatostatin to decrease the production or stop the level. Growth hormones are not only involved in strengthening the body system but also encourage in reproduction, regeneration , cellular growth, body composition , metabolism of lipids and fats and leaning the body muscle mass, fat and weight of the body. In that case, if ever hypothalamus or the pituitary gland fails to work or become defective or get injured or malfunctioning than it wouldn’t be able produce, secret, or balance. Than in that cases the synthetic growth hormone injections or capsules are recommended or prescribed as a treatment option.

Now in the present time there are more than two-dozen brands which manufacture synthetic growth hormone and are available in the market very easily and sometimes illegally. These synthetic growth hormones are manufactured similar to the natural human growth hormone with the made of natural amino acids like 191 and its chemical structures along with the recombinant rDNA. And all synthetic growth hormones are not manufactured similar to the natural growth hormone some of the types differ. They manufacturing depends upon the development of that hormone in the lab, amino acid and the chemical structures used. If the synthetic growth hormones are taken as instructed by the professional doctor then it is relatively very safe as all the therapies are very carefully controlled by the doctor and every careful step will be taken into consideration from causing the side effects or any adverse reactions. It also depends upon the age, weight and medical conditions of the person and many of the natural growth hormone supplements are very effective and safe in case of children’s and adults.

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