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Human growth hormone products have gained high popularity among sports nutritional supplements. This is because they come with lot of benefits which help sports persons like reduction of fat ratios, development of lean muscle, and accelerated muscle growth. Along with these they are also effective in improving many other bodily functions like libido. Some of these benefits are supported by scientific evidence some may not. One among these products is HGH 176-191 Fragment. One should understand the dosage recommendations, its use, and its safety before buying and consuming it.

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It is considered as protein peptide hormone. Proteins are created or synthesized using amino acids. There will be compromising in differentiation, repair and synthesis of protein without amino acids. Like its functions the molecular structure of the GH is really complex. If an individual is diagnosed with deficiency in GH then physicians will recommend growth hormone therapy for him which uses synthetically manufactured growth hormone.

Somatropin is the name used for synthetic growth hormone. This is manufactured using 191 or more amino acids. Even the naturally produced growth hormone contains nearly 191 amino acids. Almost all the synthetic growth hormones produced by manufacturers around the globe are similar in structure to the natural growth hormone. The strength and potency of the synthetic growth hormone is decided by its structure.

Along with this, the structure also determines many functions which will be handled by the hormone like protein transcription and metabolism.


Modified for m of amino acid at 176 through 191, results in HGH Fragment 176-191 and this occurs in human growth hormone specifically at C-terminal region. HGH’s this synthetic form is able to mimic the bodily functions like breakdown of fat or which is also called as glycolysis, muscle growth, and metabolism of fat.

It plays a major role in blocking formation of fatty acids which is also called as lipogenesis. When compared to HGH, the synthetic HGH fragment 171-191 is 12.5 times stronger when we consider lypolysis. Since it also plays a major role in enhancing the levels of IGF-1 or insulin like growth hormone, it comes with great number of anti- aging properties as well. Some study in Australia also proved that HGH 176-191 Fragment can also be used in the treatment of obesity and it can be very effective when compared to other obesity drugs which are already in use.

Side effects:

The dosage recommendations always depend on the sources when it comes to HGH 176-191 Fragment. But there is a standard recommended safe dose for this and it ranges between 400 mcg to 600 mcg. This dose must be taken after dividing into multiple doses. When used properly, HGH 176-191 Fragment will not result in negative effects. But it again depends on the individual’s body. Even after using responsibly some users may experience side effects.

The effects always depend on individual’s health condition, his age, weight, and other factors like diseases, and illness. But good thing is the negative effects caused by HGH 176-191 Fragment are usually temporary.

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