Benefits Of Anavar Cycle

Anavar is a steroidal supplement that is legal in some countries and needs a valid prescription for others. The steroid can be taken as a single supplement, or can be synergistically taken in combination with other supplements to enhance its effect on fat burning and muscle gain. There standardised cycles for both male and female users, monitored under expert supervision to avoid negative effects.

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How does Anavar cycle work in the body?

Oxandrolone is marketed under the industrial name of Anavar in the form of oral pills and tablets. There are specific dosage cycles recommended to be followed by men and women, beginners and professional users. The end results may vary from person to person, depending upon one’s tolerance power and genetic makeup. This is the article which states that before purchasing Anavar, you should the following facts about the drug:

  • It is not a toxic steroidal supplement and thus does not pose serious threat to the body.
  • Anavar exhibits moderate amount of anabolic characteristics by promoting muscle gain and maintain a lean physique.
  • The drug is not androgenic in action and therefore do not influence the regulation of sex hormones in both men and women.
  • Anavar possess slightly pleasant effect on Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis (HPTA).

The physical and biological get up of men is tougher than women, so their withstand power against strong steroidal supplement is much more than the female body. Keeping in mind the gender of an individual, the dosages are recommended by doctors to bring out effective end results in both the sexes. It is evident that a concentration of 80 mg of the drug is much more tolerable in men, posing minimal possible side effects. Therefore the use of Anavar among the female bodybuilders and sportspersons become a number one choice, with mild negative results and less threat to the body than other powerful steroids. The suggested standard dose chart for men and women is given as:

  • For men- higher doses going up to the range of 20-100 mg is considerable.
  • For women- a standard level of 2.5-10 mg of the drug per day is suggested.

The dosages are always taken in intervals of weeks in between continuous cycles of Anavar, to keep a check on the body acceptance and onset of any mild side effect.

Mode of action:

Anavar is industrially made as an altered or modified version of Oxandrolone, to facilitate easy entry to the digestive tract and hepatocytes. It does not pose any toxicity related threats to the liver cells unlike most of the other anabolic and androgenic oral steroids. Since Anavar is a gentle steroid, it is not associated with common steroidal side effects including liver damage, jaundice, neoplasms, hepatitis, cholestatic hepatitis and peliosis hepatitis.

Effective modulation of the Anavar cycle speeds up healing process during any injuries in the cutaneous and sub-cutaneous layers of skin. It also promotes proper functioning of the lungs, thereby improving breathing and respiration. Any article which states that Anavar helps in the treatment of patients affected with AIDS, then it is not wrong. At dose level of 80 mg taken per day, Anavar helps victims from the acute suffering of AIDS and also promotes effective burning of fat in them.

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