What is the Average Cost of Hair Transplant in India

The hair loss problem or baldness is a common phenomenon that occurs due to the non-routinize lifestyle, heavy work stress, and imbalanced diet while the hair loss problem raised by the genetic cause as an effect of DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone) is not only disheartening but also brings down your confidence.

There are two types of hair loss, namely, the curable hair loss and the permanent hair loss. The curable hair loss happens due to the non-routinize lifestyle and is curable one, but the permanent hair loss is only treated with the procedure of hair transplant. The hair transplant procedure is the sifting process of hair roots from the donor location onto the recipient bald portion in such a manner that the people get the head full of hair with all the aesthetic touch of the cosmetic benefits.

Average Cost of Hair Transplant in India

The hair restoration is a boon in the cosmetic & the plastic surgery industry and the hair transplant procedure in India has an increasing demand due to the best Cosmetic Surgeon and the Doctors who has a number of years’ experience from the leading international and national hair restoration Clinics and their affiliation from many other reputed hair restoration societies such as ISHRS, ISAPS, Etc.

In the context of cost, the hair transplant cost in India is affordable and it is a budget choice option if we compare the procedure cost applicable in the western world countries.

Generally, the cost of hair transplant ranges from $4000 to $15000 and most insurance plan doesn’t cover it. Therefore the patient/client all over the World wants to visit India to get the procedure done.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in India depends on the following Factors that must be evaluated in the light of Benefits & Advantages:

The Reputed Surgeon

The hair transplant cost largely depends on the operating surgeon who performed the procedure because the leading Surgeon does the procedure with perfection and there is the satisfaction to get the procedure under the expert guidance that gives you an undetectable hair transplant results. The most concerning aspect of the procedure is their hairline design and dense-package that must be balanced with the available donor area strength and the needed number of grafts to cover the particular bald portion. And, only an expert and leading surgeon can perform the job with utmost aesthetic effect.

The Advanced Equipment & Facilities of the Recognized Clinic

The clinical facilities and care standard affect the cost of the procedure and many Indian Clinics of hair restoration seriously follows the American standard parameters of safety concern and care in order to provide the quality hair transplant. Some Clinics of India use the very high magnification of microscopes for the graft dissection process as well as the Carl Zeiss lenses for making the procedural outcomes with higher correction of the graft survival, consequently the greater outputs in terms of density and covering the highest grade of baldness with the greater number of grafts.

A Sure Success rate

The recognized and reputed clinics in India charge the high cost of the procedure and consultation due to their asset in the hair transplant surgery world and their reputation makes it apart from other clinic & centre. The success rate of the particular reputed Clinic is always assured s the procedure is performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon & Doctors.


On the whole, we can say that the average cost of the hair transplant procedure in India is generally decided by the operating Surgeon and the patient grade of baldness, which is not a straight one as every patient is different and every scalp has a different grade! The performing Surgeon decides the cost as according to the patient’s scalp condition and in the perspective of countries cost, India has an affordable cost option that is well appreciated by the international patient too!

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