5 Circumstances To Make Wheelchair Use Easier

Administration Leading studies have suggested that there are approximately 750,000 wheelchair users in the United Kingdom and while many of these men and women gradually become more accustomed to their device, there’s no escaping the fact that certain jobs are still almightily difficult to achieve. Bearing the above in mind, the mobility industry has produced umpteen products through the years to help make the tasks of the typical wheelchair user that little bit easier.


Unfortunately, there will still be plenty of difficulties, especially for people who find they still getting used to how their chair works, but the market is at least adapting and trying to look after wheelchairs whenever we can. We’ll now check out five of the most popular wheelchair accessories that are available on the market – and how they are able to help the typical user go by their day-to-day activities a lot more efficiently. Wheelchair Try this can’t be classed as one of the more innovative solutions, with wheelchair trays being around for a lot of annually. However, nobody can debate that they are massively useful and with many wheelchair users incapable of maneuver in one seat to another, it a minimum of allows meals to be consumed in one location.

 Furthermore, the amount of options in connection with this is endless and while you can buy premium wood finishes, there are several budget and ‘flip-away’ options. Most reputable brands will have these trays readily available and when we take UKS Mobility to give an example, there are countless ones on the website. Stick Holder While the stick holder could be small, there’s no doubting that it’s incredibly useful.

Most people will most likely recall a time they’ve seen a wheelchair user carrying a walking stick across their chair – with this being hard to say the least. A stick holder therefore simply clips onto the chair, and therefore the walking stick doesn’t have to be held. Under Seat Pouch Most wheelchairs will be simple in design and don’t incorporate any kind of storage space. Under seat pouches happen to be created to combat this problem and work just as the pouches on children’s prams do. They clip on the bottom with the chair, allowing the user to store what they have to want underneath their seat.

Unveil TrackwayIt’s a well-known undeniable fact that wheelchairs aren’t ideal across every terrain of course, if you frequently cross gravel or other uneven surface, you’ll know precisely what we’re talking about. Companies have subsequently released roll out track ways in a bid to combat this, with you’re simply being laid over the ground to allow for the chair to roll across much more smoothly and without the maximum amount of effort. Lots of people have actually decided accomplish ditch the extensive landscaping works around their house and simply acquire one of such tracks instead. Wheelchair Backpack. The final product we’re about to feature could possibly be the wheelchair backpack.

Nearly all are meant to slot on top of the back seat and again provide that necessary storage. Many are also able to be comfortably accessed from the sitting position, with countless products available in this form.

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